Bea Arthur: Goodbye, Maude

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beaBea Arthur wasn’t the most gorgeous woman in the room much of the time. She wasn’t the best dressed or the most diplomatic. But what she possessed was a keen sense of comic timing few could match, either now or then. And with this brief article, we mourn her passing.

She broke down TV barriers previously not seen before with her show, Maude: she became pregnant and had an abortion, and she spoke her mind openly and readily, something many women on in the early 70′s did not. Later on with the Golden Girls, she played an older woman who talked openly about sex and dealt with issues concerning growing old and finding a man to treat her right. And she was always funny doing it.

Arthur passed away at the age of 86 on Saturday morning after a battle with cancer. We salute you for making us laugh, think and view the female character on television a whole lot differently.

Finally: Project Runway New Season Details Released

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0000045571_20080109115320Fashion reality show “Project Runway” will finally return to TV on the Lifetime cable channel, Lifetime Television announced today. It beat out NBC Universal (that owns Bravo) to claim the hugely popular fashion series. The show will air on August 20th.

The 6th season will still be hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, the stylish “mentor” to the show’s upstart young designers, was stalled by months of legal battles after creators wanted to take the show to a new network, presumably to get more ad money from a larger station.

The suit was finally put to rest when The Weinstein Co. agreed to pay NBC cash (not disclosed and probably a lot) to move the series to Lifetime. The show’s last season concluded in October 2008.

If you’ve taken up residence under a rock the last 5 years, here’s the skinny on this one: “Project Runway” follows the ups and downs of 16 fashion designers hoping to win cash, acclaim and the ability to start up their own fashion companies by competing in a series of challenges.

CBS Says Lights Out for Guiding Light

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Guiding Light is having its lights turned out permanently. Although the announcement came at the beginning of April, CBS’s decision to cut the 72 year old Guiding Light was not an April Fool’s joke. Even being the longest running television series in history with a devoted following wasn’t enough to keep this history making show on the air. It started out as a radio program in 1937 and made the leap to television in 1952. All of the daytime soaps have been suffering a slow death since the 1990s with dwindling viewership and a greater variety of programming in the same time slots.

The whole idea of putting an end to Guiding Light seems like it could be a story right out of, well… a soap opera. It does bring up the idea that maybe Guiding Light could possibly one day return from the dead, like an unexpected plot twist. If you’ve been a loyal watcher of Guiding Light, then you’ve still got several months before the end, but come September 18, 2009, the show will cease to be broadcast on CBS. The shows producers are rumored to shopping Guiding Light around in the hopes that another network will pick it up, so they can continue on with drama that has kept people tuning in for so long.

If you’ve been a fan of Guiding Light then let us know your thoughts about the show over the years by reviewing Guiding Light.