A Remembrance: Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

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ffposterMuch has been made about the famous poster featuring Fawcett, but her work on TV surpassed the Charlie Angel’s/Spelling jiggle TV that she was well known for, but her sexy yet old-fashioned sensibility was the cornerstone of her career and she later attempted more brave roles where she played both a victim and a murderess, stretching the limits of her abilities to their limit, and winning Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her performance in The Burning Bed.

Fawcett passed away from cancer after a long fight on June 25th at age 62.

As it turned out, her toughest role of all was her final one: She shared every brutal step of her cancer treatment with the world in the NBC documentary Farrah’s Story. It showed many of the steps involved in treating invasive cancer, like her trademark hair falling out.

Recently long-time companion Ryan O’Neal finally asked her to marry him after 25 years on and off together. She passed away before the ceremony could happen.

More about this story here.

Comeback: The Seinfeld cast will reunite in Curb Your Enthusiasm this season

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0000004053_20060919214710It’s been rumored, talked about, and now it might happen: The Seinfeld cast will all appear together this season on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the show starring Larry David (the producer and co-creator of the Seinfeld show during its run).

Even more discussed is Michael Richard’s return to TV after the rather ugly incident at a comedy show awhile back. Will it be written into the show in some way? No one knows.

The exact episodes and details haven’t been decided yet, but its definitely something to look for if you were a fan of the sitcom that ran from 1989-1998 with 180 episodes being made. It’ll mark the first time the whole cast has appeared together since the show ended in 1998.

We’ll keep you updated on this as it develops.

The Dangers of Backlash: Jon & Kate fans fleeing in droves

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jonkateHere TLC thought they could use a couple’s implosion to boost ratings and trick the viewing TV public. It worked at first, but it appears the effects are slowly creating a backlash that will probably end up killing the show.

Here’s the stats the back it up: 9.8 million people tuned in this season’s premiere episode, but only a week later, only 5.7 million watched. That’s almost half, folks, and that’s a bad sign this early in the season.

Kate spent her 10th anniversary with Jon nowhere in sight, and its just turning into a running joke at this point. Both have more or less bailed from actively working on their marriage (at least for now) and the show is just a stage play put on for ratings and money. And we’re not the only ones saying this.

Sad indeed, but people have put on much worse shows for a paycheck. We wish J&K luck; they’re going to need it.

Remembrance: David Carradine

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Actor David Carradine attends the 23rd Annual Charlie Awards atDavid Carradine lived his life by a certain code. It wasn’t always a perfect code, but he lived it his own way.

The actor was found dead in a hotel room in Thailand this past week, the apparent victim of an accidental death, based on the latest info (the muddy and sensational facts of the death aren’t that important really).

From his 100+ appearances in movies and TV shows, his body of work ranged wide and far, and he influenced countless martial artists and young people with his turn as Caine on the now classic “Kung Fu” series.

Here with this video clip, he attempts to tell his own life story in 60 seconds: Link

We salute you, sir, wherever you may be.

New Bar for Cross-Promotional Madness: Will Ferrell in Man vs. Wild

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manwildMovie stars will often do nearly anything or appear anywhere to promote a new movie,  but Will Ferrell’s Man vs. Wild stunt has made him the undisputed champion of this time-tested actor’s gauntlet.

The actor will appear on Man vs. Wild Tuesday night at 10PM on the Discovery Channel in a cross-promotional event and promotion for his upcoming new movie, Land of the Lost, remade from the famous TV show. The show features Ferrell and show host and survival guru Bear Grylls during 2 days in subzero temperatures of the north Sweden wilderness. Sounds like someone wants a big box office hit, and is willing to do anything to accomplish this.

Ferrell starts off by being lowered into the wilderness by rope from a helicopter before hiking with makeshift snowshoes through snow up to his waist. The highlight: dinner with Grylls in a cave, eating grilled reindeer eyeballs.

“Nine out of 10 actors would not do that,” Ferrell told the Associated Press. I’d imagine not. Considering Ferrell’s recent string of films have had mediocre box office results, he’s reaching pretty far here.

Ferrell’s trademark odd sense of humor is still front and center. In one scene, the actor scarfs down a Twinkie (packed for ‘emergencies’) as soon as the host has his back turned. But Ferrell said he wasn’t always thinking about comedy.

And how did those eyeballs taste, we wonder? “It’s like a gelatinous piece of rock,” Ferrell said.

We only hope Land of the Lost does well for him.