More McFarlane: Fox Orders More ‘American Dad’

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04122Seth MacFarlane is now one of the richest writers/producers in history, after reaching a $100M dollar deal with Fox a few months back to stay and produce shows for them through 2012, and that includes ‘American Dad‘, which was just renewed for a 6th season today.

The deal includes a sitcom to be produced by MacFarlane that is still in the planning stages, and Family Guy and The Cleveland Show to run through 2012 as well.

It appears this lineup will dominate Fox’s Sunday night programming for some time to come, and MacFarlane was quoted as saying after the $100M deal: “I get a lot of pleasure out of making shows. It’s a bonus to be getting paid well for it, and it’s a double bonus to be getting paid exorbitantly for it.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Second Chance: Southland and TNT in talks to migrate show

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southlandRemember Southland, the searing cop drama plagued by low ratings and celebrated by critics that was cancelled by NBC before the second season even aired? Well, it may soon be getting a second shot, courtesy of TNT, a network that loves their cop dramas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a deal is ” close to being reached”, based on inside info from various sources.  Talk began quickly after NBC unexpectedly canned the show after completing 6 episodes of the new season. Hopefully, this rookie gets a chance in the limelight with a network less gun-shy about canning a promising show.

TNT, Warner Bros. and John Wells Productions have refused to comment regarding the talks, but a deal is “imminent” according to the talk through the grapevine.

Older and The Disrespected: Eric Braeden to leave soap over pay dispute

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ericVictor Newman is saying goodbye to Genoa City, and this time its for good, apparently. And the circumstances and the way its been handled seem quite sad, indeed.

Eric Braeden has played the role of Newman on The Young and the Restless since 1980 (that’s almost 30 years, folks), has stated to Entertainment Weekly that he has terminated talks to stay on the show.

Braeden left the show in September over a contract tussle with production company Sony, who wanted him to take a fairly large pay cut. He elected to “strike” instead.

The 68-year-old was making a seven-figure salary, finally came back to the table and agreed to a “fairly substantial” pay cut, and that Sony rejected the offer.

Eric is quoted in EW: “We reached an impasse in the negotiations. I have shown flexibility, they have shown none … That’s a sign of utter disrespect. I will not negotiate with people who remain aloof and arrogant about the whole thing. Not after 30 years, I won’t do that.” And we don’t blame him, when you get down to it. “It’s slowly sinking in that I’m leaving. It’s sad.”

We’re watching the slow death of soap operas as we know them, we believe, and this is just one more piece of evidence.

Hawaii Five-O Back on TV?

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hawaii_five-oRemember “Book ‘em Dano…murder one”? Well, if you’re older you’ll remember the famous line and the cop show from the 60′s and 70′s that featured Jack Lord as the tough cop in Hawaii.

Apparently, according to Yahoo! TV and Variety, it’s coming back again. Here’s the scoop:

“Hawaii Five-O” is reportedly heading back to TV – thanks to the writers behind “Star Trek” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the screenwriters of the two summer hits, will be rebooting the classic cop drama for CBS along with “CSI: NY” producer Peter Lenkov, Variety reported.

The original show, which ran from 1968-1980, was filmed on location in Hawaii, where the new version is expected to return.

“Hawaii Five-O” starred Jack Lord and Danny Williams as a pair of hardened cops serving in the Hawaiian State Police. There’s no word yet on who would take on their roles in the reboot.

Swine Flu and Bones: Scare Turns Out To Be False Alarm

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bonesIt appeared that Fox series Bones was going to be shut down after star “David Boreanaz came down with a flu that was first believed to be of the swine variety, Access Hollywood has confirmed”, according to an article.

Creator Hart Hanson tweeted that they suspected swine flu, then retracted the diagnosis, as it was shown the star did not have swine flu. Good thing; it would have shut down production for at least a week or two.

It just shows how deeply this illness has affected the public consciousness, and how scared people are of the flu strain. It’s now reported that Boreanaz will return to the set tomorrow, and shooting will go on as normal. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as episode schedules will not be affected.