Kröd Mändoon is a Ray of Light in the Dark Ages

March 28, 2009 by  

krod-mandoon-and-the-flaming-sword-of-fireThe age may be dark, but the future of the world is bright thanks to Kröd Mändoon and his eclectic band of warriors. Well, the future could be bright if the fate of the world had a little more certainty with a more focused group. Kröd is a fearless warrior, leading his somewhat faithful group against the forces of evil while he deals with his pagan girlfriend’s infidelity. Dongalor, Kröd’s arch nemesis from the academy is remiscent of a medieval version of Dr. Evil and posesses a weapon of mass destruction, a la The Lord of the Rings, but doesn’t yet know how to make it work. Aneka, Kröd’s girlfriend, is more than happy to help fight Dongalor’s evil agenda, especially when she can use sexual favors as her weapon of choice. Although Kröd doesn’t have a loyal girlfriend, he does have the loyal service of Loquasto, a pig-like man who is willing to do whatever is asked of him but isn’t known for his marksmanship and takes orders literally. As this is the middle ages, what would Kröd be without an African-American wizard to work some magic. Be sure to look closely for Zezelryck’s spells and potions to work or you might not see them, much like Kröd doesn’t seem to see them work. Kröd also has a flaming sword, and by sheer coincidence has the help of his dead mentor’s gay lover, Bruce. Bruce was the cellmate of General Arcadias, Kröd’s mentor, in the same dungeon for 2 weeks.

If you haven’t yet seen the previews for Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire after that introduction you would immediately think that this was either a new comedy or a complete joke. It’s no joke! This is the new comedy action series coming to Comedy Central. You can be sure that the struggle for the medieval free world will involve some sort of crazy scheme on Dongalor’s part, while he tries to pick up women in the process. When you watch this series you will ultimately recognize the common, everyday problems that Kröd faces while fighting to create a better world. As for the costumes and the set, they’ve done a masterful job in recreating the dark ages in a sanitized way. If you’re looking for a comedy series that puts a modern day and comical twist in the midst of middle ages sword battling and action, then this new series will speak to you. Think of the comedy writing of Blazing Saddles but with the medieval fantasy of Conan, and that’s what “Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire” is like. It’s different enough to be a show that should do well with Comedy Central ‘s audience. We’ll enjoy watching Kröd fight for freedom and the love of his girlfriend. The 1 hour premiere episode airs April 9 at 10pm/9c, so be sure to tune in to Comedy Central for this new show.  We’ll be watching, and hope to see some good reviews for Kröd Mändoon.

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