Good News for Gourmet TV Fans: Southland picked up by NBC

May 3, 2009 by  

southlandNBC has renewed the cop drama “Southland,” picking up 13 episodes of the series for the rest of the season. The show was in danger of being axed due to controversial tones in the early episodes.

The Los Angeles-set cop show, which stars Ben McKenzie, was a late addition to NBC’s midseason schedule (usually where shows go to die much of the time). It got off to a good start in “ER”‘s Thursday 10 p.m. time slot (not unexpected).

The ratings have since slipped a little bit, but the network people have been high on “Southland” for its wide possible appeal, potential and producer John Wells’ solid track record as a producer (he created ER, a pretty good show that just outstayed its welcome).

This is good for TV; a bold, daring show not afraid to show the unglamorous side of cop work. TV really needs shaking up right now, and Southland could be just the ticket.

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