Solution to Afternoon Doldrums?: Aisha Tyler to host unique talk show

May 8, 2009 by  

aisha Actress-comedian Aisha Tyler will apparently join a unique new “hybrid” talk show pilot for ABC, and become the main host of the show. It’s got some interesting ideas, but will it prop up the sagging afternoon block for ABC?

“The Aisha Tyler Show” (as it will be called obviously) will fuse together a traditional variety talk show with political commentary with a comedy slant (sounds like a few shows already out), with comedy sketches and other stuff thrown in.

Aimed at a more youthful audience, the show will have a wired slant, where you can talk to Tyler with Twitter, Facebook and other internet methods. The show will be mainly aimed at cable or syndication in the long run.

ABC will probably end up putting the show in its struggling afternoon soap opera block, with General Hospital, One Life to Live and similar shows. Will it find an audience? We’ll wait and see.

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