A Remembrance: Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

June 26, 2009 by  

ffposterMuch has been made about the famous poster featuring Fawcett, but her work on TV surpassed the Charlie Angel’s/Spelling jiggle TV that she was well known for, but her sexy yet old-fashioned sensibility was the cornerstone of her career and she later attempted more brave roles where she played both a victim and a murderess, stretching the limits of her abilities to their limit, and winning Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her performance in The Burning Bed.

Fawcett passed away from cancer after a long fight on June 25th at age 62.

As it turned out, her toughest role of all was her final one: She shared every brutal step of her cancer treatment with the world in the NBC documentary Farrah’s Story. It showed many of the steps involved in treating invasive cancer, like her trademark hair falling out.

Recently long-time companion Ryan O’Neal finally asked her to marry him after 25 years on and off together. She passed away before the ceremony could happen.

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