CSI: NY adds Sarah Carter to its cast, according to various sources

July 17, 2009 by  

SHARKShark former alumni Sarah Carter is joining CSI: NY in a series regular role, according to various sources.

Carter will play a forensic school graduate on track to become a CSI. To that end, she will at first serve Mac Taylor’s team as a crime scene clean-up technician, and banter with various cast members and become involved in the crime-solving process.

If you’ll recall: The New York CSI gang may need Carter’s character bulking up their ranks this season. The latest finale ended on a cliffhanger, with a drive-by shooter spraying the crew with a hail of bullets, meaning someone will probably bite the bullet, figuratively and literally.

Carter’s CSI-in-training is also keeping a secret, to be revealed sometime during the coming season of CSI: NY.

On her best known role, Shark, Carter played an attorney working for James Woods’ daredevil prosecutor. The actress’ credits include short appearance arcs on Smallville, Numbers and Dirty Sexy Money.

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