Numbered: The Days of Free Broadcast TV ending soon?

December 29, 2009 by  

internet-tv-1Many have known for awhile that the ad-supported model in many businesses has taken a hit recently, on the Internet and in print media. Now the ad bust has struck broadcast networks like NBC, ABC and the like, and it appears the days of free broadcast local networks is fading into the sunset.

What will this mean? Well, for starters, if this does happen, most networks will only be available via cable, satellite or other such venues, which in turn will change the landscape of TV forever, needless to say. It’s sad, but this economic downturn has caused a huge ripple effect in consumer spending that is killing the old ad-supported network TV model. We’re sad, but at the same time this could be opportunity for networks to lessen advertising and increase program quality.

This may not happen for 5-10 years, so no need for panic yet, but the ramifications of this news, if true, could change the way we watch TV from here on out.

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