Lost: Endings, Beginnings and The Final Season

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0000045955_20080123140133The final season of Lost begins Feb. 2nd, but that doesn’t its the “end” necessarily, at least according to some of its stars. Recent interviews indicate more than just stirring the pot to get people to watch, including star Michael Emerson.

Lost has been a ratings and critical powerhouse for ABC for years now, but its 6th and final season is set to air next month, and it has many twists, turns and shocks in store, per usual for the show, which has specialized in this type of thing since its inception.

Feel free to read the fascinating and articulate interview with the actor that plays “Ben” for more details and thoughts on the show. Feel free to voice your opinions on the show here.

Idol Talk: Simon Gone (Officially)

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ReportSimonCowellYes, NOW it’s official…Simon Cowell is off American Idol after this season.  But that isn’t the most interesting part of this report.

Its been reported that Cowell was offered between $100-144 million dollars to stay on the show for another amount of years, according to numerous sources. Now that’s an astounding amount of money for someone now considered to have “star power” except in an arena like this. He reportedly turned down the offer to migrate to his creation, X-Factor, that originally aired in the UK, to the states.

Now that’s truly knowing what you want to do, and going for it. Fox (for their part) denied the offer was that much, but declined further comment, fueling the speculation even further. We reported the departure of Simon Cowell awhile back, now its pretty much a done deal.

Flat Line: Leno’s late night TV show is dead – officially

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jaylenoshowWell, now it’s official: Jay Leno’s 10PM experiment with NBC is now over, with the station announcing Sunday that further production on the show has been halted, and it will endFeb. 12th, when the Winter Olympics begin. They’re now waiting to hear if Leno and “Tonight” alum Conan O’Brien accept its shuffle of late night airings.

NBC wants to put on Leno’s show at 11:35 p.m PST, on Feb. 28 (the end of the Olympics), but with 30 min. show showcasing his monologues and skits. O’Brien would follow at 12:05 a.m. PST with his “Tonight” show. It’s unknown how both will feel about the switch, but Leno is reported to be fine with the change; the snafu might be O’Brien, who might not agree with or like the change. If he’s released from his contract, it could cost NBC up to $40 million dollars, which is something they don’t want, needless to say.

We’ll keep track of how this shapes up, though we hope it doesn’t turn ugly for late night programming on NBC.

#450: Yet Another Milestone for The Simpsons

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0000050924_20080814185904To call the “The Simpsons” a series of milestones at the point is to be rather obvious. It’s now planning a special 450th episode and a special documentary to follow.

Entering its 20th season now, it’s far surpassed any expectations foisted upon it, when it debuted as an animated short on the Tracy Ullman Show.

The episode will air Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox, and will be titled “Once Upon a Time in Springfield”, to be followed up by an hour documentary from Morgan Spurlock (of  “Super Size Me” fame), titled “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice.”

The show took NBC‘s “Law & Order” and “Gunsmoke” on, and is now TV’s longest-running prime-time drama show ever. Truly amazing for a show considered a “novelty” when it debuted 20 years ago.