Lost: Endings, Beginnings and The Final Season

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0000045955_20080123140133The final season of Lost begins Feb. 2nd, but that doesn’t its the “end” necessarily, at least according to some of its stars. Recent interviews indicate more than just stirring the pot to get people to watch, including star Michael Emerson.

Lost has been a ratings and critical powerhouse for ABC for years now, but its 6th and final season is set to air next month, and it has many twists, turns and shocks in store, per usual for the show, which has specialized in this type of thing since its inception.

Feel free to read the fascinating and articulate interview with the actor that plays “Ben” for more details and thoughts on the show. Feel free to voice your opinions on the show here.

Idol Talk: Simon Gone (Officially)

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ReportSimonCowellYes, NOW it’s official…Simon Cowell is off American Idol after this season.  But that isn’t the most interesting part of this report.

Its been reported that Cowell was offered between $100-144 million dollars to stay on the show for another amount of years, according to numerous sources. Now that’s an astounding amount of money for someone now considered to have “star power” except in an arena like this. He reportedly turned down the offer to migrate to his creation, X-Factor, that originally aired in the UK, to the states.

Now that’s truly knowing what you want to do, and going for it. Fox (for their part) denied the offer was that much, but declined further comment, fueling the speculation even further. We reported the departure of Simon Cowell awhile back, now its pretty much a done deal.

Flat Line: Leno’s late night TV show is dead – officially

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jaylenoshowWell, now it’s official: Jay Leno’s 10PM experiment with NBC is now over, with the station announcing Sunday that further production on the show has been halted, and it will endFeb. 12th, when the Winter Olympics begin. They’re now waiting to hear if Leno and “Tonight” alum Conan O’Brien accept its shuffle of late night airings.

NBC wants to put on Leno’s show at 11:35 p.m PST, on Feb. 28 (the end of the Olympics), but with 30 min. show showcasing his monologues and skits. O’Brien would follow at 12:05 a.m. PST with his “Tonight” show. It’s unknown how both will feel about the switch, but Leno is reported to be fine with the change; the snafu might be O’Brien, who might not agree with or like the change. If he’s released from his contract, it could cost NBC up to $40 million dollars, which is something they don’t want, needless to say.

We’ll keep track of how this shapes up, though we hope it doesn’t turn ugly for late night programming on NBC.

#450: Yet Another Milestone for The Simpsons

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0000050924_20080814185904To call the “The Simpsons” a series of milestones at the point is to be rather obvious. It’s now planning a special 450th episode and a special documentary to follow.

Entering its 20th season now, it’s far surpassed any expectations foisted upon it, when it debuted as an animated short on the Tracy Ullman Show.

The episode will air Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox, and will be titled “Once Upon a Time in Springfield”, to be followed up by an hour documentary from Morgan Spurlock (of  “Super Size Me” fame), titled “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice.”

The show took NBC‘s “Law & Order” and “Gunsmoke” on, and is now TV’s longest-running prime-time drama show ever. Truly amazing for a show considered a “novelty” when it debuted 20 years ago.

Numbered: The Days of Free Broadcast TV ending soon?

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internet-tv-1Many have known for awhile that the ad-supported model in many businesses has taken a hit recently, on the Internet and in print media. Now the ad bust has struck broadcast networks like NBC, ABC and the like, and it appears the days of free broadcast local networks is fading into the sunset.

What will this mean? Well, for starters, if this does happen, most networks will only be available via cable, satellite or other such venues, which in turn will change the landscape of TV forever, needless to say. It’s sad, but this economic downturn has caused a huge ripple effect in consumer spending that is killing the old ad-supported network TV model. We’re sad, but at the same time this could be opportunity for networks to lessen advertising and increase program quality.

This may not happen for 5-10 years, so no need for panic yet, but the ramifications of this news, if true, could change the way we watch TV from here on out.

Sayonara: Simon Cowell to depart American Idol after this season?

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0000040071_20070524004011Simon Cowell’s brother says that “American Idol” will have to do without him after this upcoming season, as his brother is stating that this will be his final season with the show.

Tony Cowell stated in his weekly podcast, “The Cowell Factor,” that Simon will be preparing a statement that will confirm that this will be the last season on the popular Fox singing competition for the sharp-tongued British judge. He will concentrate on his British show, “The X-Factor” and migrating it to the US during next year.

The podcast has actually been removed earlier today, so something tells us Tony shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag this soon. This news will definitely change the tone of the show this coming season, and for seasons to come. Will the show go on? Odds are it will, but it’ll be very different indeed.

Final Goodbye: Nancy O’Dell departing Access Hollywood after 13 years

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nancy-o-dell-picture-3Access Hollywood anchor Nancy O’Dell had a long run, but now she’s announced that she is leaving the show this week after 13 years on the airwaves communicating everything gossip-worthy among the celebs.

Released by her publicist: “Having been at Access Hollywood from day one of the show, this has been an incredibly tough decision for O’Dell. She will miss her Access Hollywood family, but looks forward to still seeing them all on the red carpet.”

The statement goes on to say that O’Dell is leaving the show for a fresh start and (possibly) a new opportunity. No details of the possible new job were mentioned or released, but you don’t leave a 13-year gig without knowing what comes next, generally.

O’Dell started with the show’s inception in 1996 and became co-anchor of the show in 1999.

A Ratings Punch: MTV’s Jersey Shore in the center of more controversy

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JerseyShore39EpisodeMTV’s controversial reality show, “Jersey Shore,” has charted a lot of bumpy water since its debut pretty much, and now even more is set to follow as a scene featuring a cast member being punched has been cut from the show. The show has lost sponsors and raised the ire of a number of groups since its initial episode.

The scene presents star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi being punched in the face at a bar, was used by MTV to promote the show for some strange reason, and has spread on the net rapidly the last week or so.

MTV Reps stated: “What happened to Snooki was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing. After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence, and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context not to show the severity of this act or resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in the face.” This statement was given to E! Online.

Brad Ferro (not a member of the show) was found guilty of assault, fined $500 and given a six month suspended jail sentence following the debacle. MTV is slated to run a PSA about violence following the episode, which is still scheduled to appear.

SNL Oops: Criticisms emerge over domestic violence skit with Rihanna as musical guest

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39SNL39Saturday Night Live” is making the wrong sort of headlines for featuring a skit which made fun of domestic violence – with Rihanna as the musical guest for the evening. Uhh, maybe the writers need to get their signals straight, it appears?

On Saturday’s episode, the skit was regarding Tiger Woods’ rough week, satirizing rumors that his wife, Elin Nordegren, attacked him before his early-morning car accident on November 27.

However, the show’s musical guest was Rihanna – a victim of abuse by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, which made the skit a bit — insensitive, shall we say. Several groups and websites have denounced the show’s “obvious missteps… when you consider that Rihanna was the night’s musical guest.”

We agree…not smart, SNL. Hopefully, they make some kind of public statement to address the issue (they have not up until this writing).

Portait of a Troubled Soul: David Hasselhoff

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According to RadarOnline, David Hasselhoff is again having health issues, this time being taken to a hospital after suffering a seizure.

“Paramedics were called to the [location] in Encino for medical aid,” LA Fire spokesman Erik Scott was quoted telling RadarOnline. “Paramedics arrived at approximately 11:51 am on Friday and later transported the patient to a nearby hospital.”

No one is saying alcohol was involved, but most people are drawing their own (probably accurate) conclusion.

Hasselhoff, now 57 and too old for stuff like this, was taken to a hospital in mid-September after a combination of drugs messed up his balance. But Hasselhoff’s daughter, Hayley, called mom Pamela Bach, saying his father had been drinking a lot.

It’s sad that it may take a major tragedy to get David to stop, and hopefully he comes to his senses this time around and gets clean. The TV world wouldn’t be quite the same without Hasselhoff’s wacky personality.

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