Idol Talk: Simon Gone (Officially)

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ReportSimonCowellYes, NOW it’s official…Simon Cowell is off American Idol after this season.  But that isn’t the most interesting part of this report.

Its been reported that Cowell was offered between $100-144 million dollars to stay on the show for another amount of years, according to numerous sources. Now that’s an astounding amount of money for someone now considered to have “star power” except in an arena like this. He reportedly turned down the offer to migrate to his creation, X-Factor, that originally aired in the UK, to the states.

Now that’s truly knowing what you want to do, and going for it. Fox (for their part) denied the offer was that much, but declined further comment, fueling the speculation even further. We reported the departure of Simon Cowell awhile back, now its pretty much a done deal.

Sayonara: Simon Cowell to depart American Idol after this season?

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0000040071_20070524004011Simon Cowell’s brother says that “American Idol” will have to do without him after this upcoming season, as his brother is stating that this will be his final season with the show.

Tony Cowell stated in his weekly podcast, “The Cowell Factor,” that Simon will be preparing a statement that will confirm that this will be the last season on the popular Fox singing competition for the sharp-tongued British judge. He will concentrate on his British show, “The X-Factor” and migrating it to the US during next year.

The podcast has actually been removed earlier today, so something tells us Tony shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag this soon. This news will definitely change the tone of the show this coming season, and for seasons to come. Will the show go on? Odds are it will, but it’ll be very different indeed.

Will It Work: Ellen on Idol?

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ellenThe news came down this week: Ellen DeGeneres will be replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol.

Opinions around the web are pretty mixed, but we think it’ll be a good thing in the long run. She’ll bring a sense of fun and irreverence to a show that’s really needed it the last few years, and hopefully carry along her legion of fans to prop up its slightly sagging ratings too.

Plus, she can be a little crazy at moments, so she’ll give us our little dose of crazy we’re used to with Paula. No one can replace Paula, of course, but we’re of the opinion Ellen will acquit herself pretty well.

Ellen will appear as the fourth judge starting this coming season on Idol, with several guest judges appearing as well during the first few episodes.

Paula’s Gone: Abdul not returning to American Idol

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paulaPaula Abdul is not in talks to return to “American Idol,” her manager David Sonenberg told the Los Angeles Times, contrary to the many rumors floating about recently. She really is leaving, and that’s that.

Earlier this month, Abdul announced via Twitter she was ending negotiations and leaving the show. “With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #Idol,” she posted on the 4th.

It seems she’ll have no trouble finding work either. Sonenberg confirmed that most of the networks have already contacted her with opportunities to be in shows of various kinds, so don’t feel sorry for Paula.

Feel sorry for Idol, who no doubt will suffer some viewer losses (at least early on) from the departure, especially the nasty public way it was handled. It’ll probably rebound somewhat, but it won’t ever be the same, we know that much.

Good luck Paula, wherever you land.