Bea Arthur: Goodbye, Maude

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beaBea Arthur wasn’t the most gorgeous woman in the room much of the time. She wasn’t the best dressed or the most diplomatic. But what she possessed was a keen sense of comic timing few could match, either now or then. And with this brief article, we mourn her passing.

She broke down TV barriers previously not seen before with her show, Maude: she became pregnant and had an abortion, and she spoke her mind openly and readily, something many women on in the early 70′s did not. Later on with the Golden Girls, she played an older woman who talked openly about sex and dealt with issues concerning growing old and finding a man to treat her right. And she was always funny doing it.

Arthur passed away at the age of 86 on Saturday morning after a battle with cancer. We salute you for making us laugh, think and view the female character on television a whole lot differently.