NBC show ‘Chuck’ renewed despite low ratings

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chuckSometimes the geeks prevail, and in this case, that indeed happened.

The network grabbed up 13 new episodes of the series which made some budget concessions to secure the show a third season, since cuts needed to be made to continue the show, according to NBC.

Fans rallied hard for a pickup, including even a “Save Chuck” campaign that covered buying special items from sandwich shop Subway, and writing in heavily to request the show be renewed.

“Chuck” joins “Southland” (which was definitely on the bubble) and “Parks and Recreation” among the shows that people weren’t too sure would get renewed that NBC gave the nod to. It’s a victory for quality television, without the super-high ratings usually needed for a show to be approved for a new season.

Most in the industry were pretty sure ‘Chuck’ would be renewed, especially when news came down that Dollhouse was going to probably be renewed for a full season.

‘Chuck’ averaged a little over 6.5 million viewers this season, which is #78 out of 200 shows, which isn’t great, but NBC took into account all the fan base support for the show in its decision.