New Bar for Cross-Promotional Madness: Will Ferrell in Man vs. Wild

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manwildMovie stars will often do nearly anything or appear anywhere to promote a new movie,  but Will Ferrell’s Man vs. Wild stunt has made him the undisputed champion of this time-tested actor’s gauntlet.

The actor will appear on Man vs. Wild Tuesday night at 10PM on the Discovery Channel in a cross-promotional event and promotion for his upcoming new movie, Land of the Lost, remade from the famous TV show. The show features Ferrell and show host and survival guru Bear Grylls during 2 days in subzero temperatures of the north Sweden wilderness. Sounds like someone wants a big box office hit, and is willing to do anything to accomplish this.

Ferrell starts off by being lowered into the wilderness by rope from a helicopter before hiking with makeshift snowshoes through snow up to his waist. The highlight: dinner with Grylls in a cave, eating grilled reindeer eyeballs.

“Nine out of 10 actors would not do that,” Ferrell told the Associated Press. I’d imagine not. Considering Ferrell’s recent string of films have had mediocre box office results, he’s reaching pretty far here.

Ferrell’s trademark odd sense of humor is still front and center. In one scene, the actor scarfs down a Twinkie (packed for ‘emergencies’) as soon as the host has his back turned. But Ferrell said he wasn’t always thinking about comedy.

And how did those eyeballs taste, we wonder? “It’s like a gelatinous piece of rock,” Ferrell said.

We only hope Land of the Lost does well for him.