Paula’s Gone: Abdul not returning to American Idol

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paulaPaula Abdul is not in talks to return to “American Idol,” her manager David Sonenberg told the Los Angeles Times, contrary to the many rumors floating about recently. She really is leaving, and that’s that.

Earlier this month, Abdul announced via Twitter she was ending negotiations and leaving the show. “With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #Idol,” she posted on the 4th.

It seems she’ll have no trouble finding work either. Sonenberg confirmed that most of the networks have already contacted her with opportunities to be in shows of various kinds, so don’t feel sorry for Paula.

Feel sorry for Idol, who no doubt will suffer some viewer losses (at least early on) from the departure, especially the nasty public way it was handled. It’ll probably rebound somewhat, but it won’t ever be the same, we know that much.

Good luck Paula, wherever you land.

The Power of Paula: Paula Abdul to appear in Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva

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paulaabdulWe love our Paula, whether she’s coherent or not. And we’ll be seeing more of her on TV, it appears: Paula Abdul will mix her actual life with fiction as she guest stars in a new drama for Lifetime.

It’s been confirmed the “American Idol” star will play a fiction version of herself on Lifetime‘s drama series soon to debut, “Drop Dead Diva.”

Next week, Paula will film her role as a judge in an episode of the show, which stars Brooke Elliott as a former skinny model who dies and wakes up in the body of a “bigger girl” attorney named Jane. Talk about twisting things up a bit.

It seems Jane was told by a partner in her firm to throw in the towel on a particularly rough case, and Paula will appear in a dream sequence to convince Jane otherwise.

This show attracts other females stars as well: its also been confirmed that Rosie O’Donnell is a part of several episodes. Girl Power! “Drop Dead Diva” premieres Sunday July 12 at 9 PM.