Swayze in Audiobook: “I knew I had received a death sentence.”

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Patrick SwayzeIn a very searing and revealing audiobook of his memoirs releasing soon, where he narrates along with his wife, he basically admits he knew he was dead when he heard “pancreatic cancer”.

He also admitted being very angry and bitter after hearing the diagnosis, realizing his time was short. “Why me?” he asked many times, feeling like he “wasn’t ready to go yet”.

The Dirty Dancing star died a few weeks ago now after a year long battle with cancer. He completed the A&E series The Beast as his last hurrah, often struggling to finish scenes and being in a lot of pain according to the producers.

More from the book:

“Now, a lot of things go through your head when you get a death sentence handed to you, starting with: ‘Why me?’ It’s hard not to sink into bitterness … For me, that initial shock quickly turned into self-criticism and blame.”

The audiobook comes out Tuesday, and it sounds like a pretty intense read/listen. Rest in peace, Patrick.

A Bad Sign?: A&E releases new schedule, minus “The Beast”

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thebeastA&E’s new schedule of original programming was released today, and apparently it doesn’t include The Beast, the searing Patrick Swayze crime drama, which could be threatened by the failing health of its star. Apparently, A&E isn’t sure what to do with the show, and is seemingly scared to renew it in the event its star isn’t able to finish it.

A rep for the cable network says no final decision has been made about the future of the show. Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2008, and reportedly battled the disease through the entire first season of the show, with several stoppages happening because of illnesses and weakness caused by treatments.

We can see why they might be gunshy, but pulling the show will cause a lot of bad will for A&E. Perhaps renewing the show for one more season, and wrapping it up this season, leaving a slight door open in case Swayze is able to do more down the road?