The Dangers of Backlash: Jon & Kate fans fleeing in droves

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jonkateHere TLC thought they could use a couple’s implosion to boost ratings and trick the viewing TV public. It worked at first, but it appears the effects are slowly creating a backlash that will probably end up killing the show.

Here’s the stats the back it up: 9.8 million people tuned in this season’s premiere episode, but only a week later, only 5.7 million watched. That’s almost half, folks, and that’s a bad sign this early in the season.

Kate spent her 10th anniversary with Jon nowhere in sight, and its just turning into a running joke at this point. Both have more or less bailed from actively working on their marriage (at least for now) and the show is just a stage play put on for ratings and money. And we’re not the only ones saying this.

Sad indeed, but people have put on much worse shows for a paycheck. We wish J&K luck; they’re going to need it.

What’s The Point?: A New Jon and Kate season emerges from a media firestorm

May 22, 2009 by  
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jonkateHas Kate been cheating on Jon? Has Jon been cheating on Kate? Has the show itself been a farce in many ways, a TV manufactured ‘product’? These are questions viewers (and TLC) will have to tackle as the next season starts.

A new 40-episode Jon & Kate Plus 8 season will be launching next week, and it starts amid lots of media reports of infidelity, off-camera mischief and other allegations.

Two months ago, more than 4.5 million viewers tuned in to the fourth-season finale. Now, it will probably be more watched than ever, but TLC is feeling the heat of balancing the new reality of its show versus the family friendly tone embraced by the suits at the network.

What will happen this season? Will the couple even hold up past the mid-season point in real life? If the couple separates or divorces, will TLC have a bunch of worthless shows in the can?

We shall see.